Moving Trailer is our first project organized and happened on October 21-22, 2017 in downtown Montreal in light of the act of occupying a mobile space with malleable purposes is an artistic action performed by artists in the urban environment. Here, showcases take place in a rented trailer/moving truck, in a way that resembles a moving day, instead of in a rented art space. The overall and general process of carrying on this project is that, to begin with, each artist parks the trailer in a chosen location(s) that an artwork temporarily occupies, as part of their unique concept which addresses the context of their showing in the moving trailer. It is a trailer of the possibility that inhabits the Artist, as well as a program that is meant to carry them. At that first Moving Trailer in 2017, five artists participated, showing their individual works in the trailer. In the second iteration in 2018, eight artists participated with their finished works or works-in-progress. The second Moving Trailer embraced more diverse art disciplines such as performance, A/V performance, a journey of consecutive “sculpture” installations, video-making on the moving truck, expanded cinema, and live-coding music performance. It took place at various “venues” in the city of Montreal for three days. In 2019, seven artists from various ethnicities and disciplines participated, and the overarching concept embraced ongoing concerns about urban gentrifications, the isolation of immigrants and/or urban citizens, and the emphasis on regenerating and archiving cities. It was carried on for three days from 14th to 16th September in 2019.

First move to Moving Trailer 2017 ⇢🚀
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