Moving Trailer Project          

... in 2023

        Moving Trailer is an artistic action that artists perform in an urban landscape. Showcases take place in a trailer in a way that resembles a moving day. Each artist will park the Trailer in a chosen location(s) that an artwork temporarily occupies.

        Moving Trailer aims to create physical and virtual spaces for marginalized artists due to their personal circumstances, artist careers, status, and races and ethnicities. In light of advocating independent creations free from highly institutionalized discourses and as a gesture to deconstruct notions of completion, a rented moving truck will hold two art projects (or artistic actions) a day and travel across the city. It often makes stops and frequently has to take detours due to unforeseen traffic and conflicts. Audiences may have difficulty locating the truck but may have the luck to run into it on random streets. Yet, the ephemerality and temporality of their presentations in a truck on the move generate serendipity in encounters with the public, finding beautiful parks and waters around/in the city and letting their art projects breathe in the open air.

        The new iteration of Quite Ourselves's Moving Trailer takes place in Tkaronto/Toronto in 2023. It brings together a diverse range of art forms, including performance, video, sculpture, photography, music, installation, bio art, and intangible accumulations of stories, sounds, and images in the most unaffordable city in so-called Canada and the world.                                   

Poster design by Cha Ji Ryang

2023. 05. 09 - 2023. 05. 13 in Tkaronto/Toronto︎︎︎

︎︎︎ Project Development and Coordination: Quite Ourselves
︎︎︎ Project Coordinator, Administrator, Treasurer & Editor: ijo & Ivetta Sunyoung Kang
︎︎︎ Essay Writers: Stephanie Wong Ken & Jeannie Kim
︎︎︎ Essay Copy Editor: Sophia Dacy Cole (Flo)
︎︎︎ Brochure & Poster Designer: Cha Ji Ryang
︎︎︎ Project Documenters: Matt Ng, Vic Chan & Sara Faridaman
︎︎︎ Drivers: Breanna Shanahan, Vic Chan & Joni Cheung (Snack Witch)

︎︎︎︎︎︎Artists’ Trailers (click to see each artist’s itinerary on a moving van)

ijo’s Moving Trailer: Listening Session Vol. 2
Vic Chan’s Moving Trailer: Tracer/Finder
Breanna Shanahan’s Moving Trailer: Quarry I come from
Cha Ji Rang’s (feat. Sara) Moving Trailer: Waltz
Ahreum Lee’s & Joni Cheung (Snack Witch)’s Moving Trailer: Cheung Lee Global
Matt Ng’s Moving Trailer: Exhibition For Nature
Sara Faridamin’s Moving Trailer: One Shade Redder Sun
Sophia Dacy-Cole (Flo)’s Moving Trailer: Soil Breathes
Eugene Park’s Moving Trailer: Correspondence - Toronto

🚚 ijo’s Moving Trailer 🚚

Listening Session Vol. 2

Tuesday May 9th, 2023
Parked at Downtown Toronto📍️ (private event)
Toronto, ON Canada

As a part of Moving Trailer 2017, a listening session of Night Vision Camera was hosted in the moving truck parked on a pitch-black racing track in Montreal. In 2023, another listening session in the same truck will be held in one of the busy streets of downtown Toronto. Listeners will be invited to sit inside of the truck and listen through a 30-minute-long soundtrack while gazing through the 4-sided frame of the back of the truck and partake in a moment where the musical narrative and the surrounding environment collapse into one another.

🚚  Vic Chan’s Moving Trailer 🚚


Tuesday May 9th, 2023
The Artist’s Home -> Jane and Finch📍️
Toronto, ON Canada

Tracer/Finder explores journey, navigation, and personal connection. After dark, the Moving Trailer departs from the artist's home towards the notorious Jane and Finch intersection, marking the trail with glow-in-the-dark paint. At the destination, the Trailer will serve as a platform for two projectors: one displaying a video of a ritual of personal connection, the other a live feed of the artist's position on Google Maps as he follows the path back home. Tracer/Finder draws inspiration from the Greek myth of Theseus and the Minotaur, presenting a metaphor of becoming lost and retracing one's way back to their origins.


🚚 Breanna Shanahan’s Moving Trailer 🚚

Quarry I come from

Wednesday May 10th, 2023
Massey Hall -> Osgoode Hall -> Evergreen Brick Works📍️
Toronto, ON Canada

Clay is malleable and transformative. It is often related to human bodies, as being both that which we come from, and that where we will one day return. Clay from the Don Valley brickworks was mixed with water from mud river to form bricks, which built sites like Massey Hall and Osgoode Hall. In the Moving Trailer at these three locations, participants are invited to take part in a clay sculpting exercise. Afterward, participants leave their sculpture and are given a brick which they take away from the source. Moving Trailer's journey reconnects invisible tethers between these locations, and asks participants to consider what Quarry they come from.

🚚  Cha Ji Ryang’s Moving Trailer (feat. Sara) 🚚


Wednesday May 10th, 2023
Parked in High Park📍
Toronto, ON Canada

When the trailer stops, moving things enter, and things that have been stationary move to get out. When a certain view is created through the open door, we experience a certain state together. Cha proposes a time of accumulating stories, sounds, and images about things that move very slightly and stop very slightly, things that move very slowly away and come slowly closer.

🚚  Ahreum Lee’s & Joni Cheung (Snack Witch)’s Moving Trailer 🚚

Cheung Lee Global

Thursday May 11th, 2023
Parked at 2121 St. Clair Ave W📍️
Toronto, ON Canada

CHEUNG LEE GLOBAL welcomes people with homemade nourishments in an outdoor parking lot in the Stockyards. This performative installation explores the vehicle as a stage. The dashboard of the truck is decorated with paraphernalia we were surrounded by, growing up in our respective plazas and mobiles: Ode to objects from our mall-crawling youths. Parking lots become simultaneously public and private, intimate collections. Our bodies function similarly to cars, navigating around environments where the private and public intersect. Under-the-guise of gifting objects that promise bright futures, audience members are confronted with our past experiences of negotiating with repetitive feedback loops of uncomfortable gazes.

🚚  Matt Ng’s Moving Trailer 🚚

Exhibition For Nature

Thursday May 11th, 2023
Parked at Carlton Park, 20 Edith Ave📍️
Toronto, ON Canada

In the early 2000s the Hong Kong government went about an aggressive 'reforestation' program, transforming the once barren hillsides of Hong Kong's mountains into immense jungles. I quickly realized that 'nature' in Hong Kong is not separated from the urban jungle. For my project, I plan to bring a large photograph of these jungles to Beaumont Park in Toronto and camp with it to watch the trees, the grass, the bushes and flowers, as they take in the artwork in their midst- whether they will also question their own reality as they contemplate the artificial reflection of themselves placed before them.

🚚  Sara Faridamin’s Moving Trailer 🚚

One Shade Redder Sun

Friday May 12th, 2023
Parked on 2001 Lake Shore Blvd W📍️
Toronto, ON Canada

One Shade Redder Sun is a photo installation that remakes the space where  the artist was watching a sunset on one of the last days of summer of 2022. Photography allows us to capture a certain portion of space at any time, yet it has limitations as there always are some parts of the space that will stay outside of the frame. As a result, our sense of place and the knowledge we gain from a single photograph is fairly subjective. This installation will include other pieces of space at the time that she photographed the sunset.

🚚  Sophia Dacy-Cole (Flo)’s Moving Trailer 🚚

Soil Breathes

Friday May 12th, 2023
Parked on Jame St N & Mulberry St📍️
Hamilton, ON Canada

“The question I am asking with Soil Breathes is: what is the personality of the soil I am living and working on? Since returning to Australia in late 2019, I have been working on techniques for meeting the soil in my new home of Ngambri Country.” For Soil Breathes, Sophia will present her findings inside the moving truck as an immersive installation. Participants will have the opportunity to drink a "soil" tasting tea (made from plants harvested in the region), watch videos of local soil microscopy, and listen to the recorded sound of local soil critters.

🚚  Eugene Park’s Moving Trailer 🚚
Correspondence - Toronto

Saturday May 13th, 2023
Parked on 100-108 Deer Pen Rd📍️
Toronto, ON Canada

For the past five years since migrating to Canada, the artist has collected envelopes from institutions, companies, and the government. These envelopes serve as official proof of her existence and social coordinates. When they were turned inside out, she discovered beautiful patterns inside the envelopes. She found the experience as if receiving a personal letter rather than an official one. The artist treated each envelope more personally by exposing its unique safety pattern. For the Moving Trailer, Park wants to invite participating artists to receive a unique envelope that they can use to reflect each other and create personal correspondence.


...and that was our first moving trailer post pandemic

We acknowledge that Tkaronto, which the Moving Trailer travels across for five days and where the participating members and artists gather for the showcase, is covered by Treaty 13 signed with the Mississaugas of the Credit, and the Williams Treaties signed with multiple Mississauga and Chippewa bands. Turtle island, so-called Canada, has been where our in-person and virtual friendship, artistic collaborations, and shared minds and thoughts have been able to spring with deep respect for the land, the waters and the people.